Living in Clearwater Florida VS St. Petersburg Florida

In a match between St. Petersburg and Clearwater, Florida, who do you think would win? In this episode of Hounds, Hops, and Houses, we’re going to compare living in St. Petersburg and Clearwater to see who comes out on top. We’ll look at each area’s lifestyle and housing prices so you know who to place your bets on.

The Challengers Enter The Ring

Coming in at 260,000 people spread over 137 square miles is St. Petersburg, Florida. Our challenger, coming in at 115,000 people spread out over 36 square miles, is Clearwater, Florida. Which of these contenders is going to win? Let’s find out.

The Dog Scene

First, let’s start with each city’s dog scene. Obviously, St. Petersburg is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. There is a dog beach that you can take your dogs to and, of course, we have the amazing Dog Bar. There, you can sit down and have a beer while your dog runs around and plays with all the other dogs.

What about Clearwater’s dog scene? Clearwater is a very dog-friendly city, offering many different places where you can walk into a restaurant or a bar with your dog. Take a seat on the patio and enjoy the sunset while you hang out with your pup. There’s also a dog beach very, very close to Clearwater where you can take your friendly pooch out and let him run into the Gulf of Mexico.

Pubs And Pints

If you’re wondering about the brewery scene in these cities, you won’t be disappointed. St. Petersburg currently has over 17 breweries, including one of the biggest, Green Bench. It also has 3 Daughters—a nationally known brewery—and Cycle Brewing, ranked in the top 10 a few years back for best breweries in the country.

Of course, you can’t mention St. Pete breweries without mentioning Pinellas Ale Works, or PA. They hold many different dog-friendly events, including dog shampooing and grooming, raising a lot of money for the shelters around the city.

What about the brewery scene in Clearwater? Currently, there are seven different breweries in Clearwater. Two of the most known breweries are Clearwater Brewing and Big Storm Brewing, both of which are favorites of mine.

Housing Costs

Let’s move on to St. Pete’s housing situation. The median list price is right at $320,000, and the average sale to list price is right at 98.9%. You can buy homes in and out of the canals on the northeast side of St. Pete, with some even on the southeast side. There are a ton of condos going up downtown, creating a lot of space for people to move. It’s also contributing to an entirely different downtown feel.

On the other hand, Clearwater’s housing situation is very, very competitive, with a median home price in the $299,000 range. The average sale to list price is 99.7%—even more so than St. Petersburg. With a listing at almost 100%, when you list your house for sale in Clearwater, you know that you’re going to get at or above your asking price.

This makes it really competitive for buyers and very, very difficult to negotiate any terms into the sale of the home. Of course, this market could change at any time, but right now we’re not seeing any slowing down in St. Pete or Clearwater.

We Have A Winner!

Our winner by a knockout is now undefeated at 1-0: St. Petersburg, Florida! I hope you enjoyed learning all about the differences between St. Pete and Clearwater. If you have any questions about Tampa Bay, mortgages, or about buying a house in general, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to connect.

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