Top 5 St. Petersburg Florida Neighborhoods

Are you thinking of moving to St. Petersburg, Florida, but aren’t sure exactly where to settle? In this video, I’m going to take you on a tour of St. Pete’s top 5 neighborhoods. We’ll look at the location and amenities of each community so you can decide which one is right for you.

Downtown St. Petersburg

The first stop on our tour of St. Pete’s neighborhoods is beautiful Downtown. This area has really blossomed over the last few years and is home to a cultural arts center, the Dali Museum, and the Fine Arts Museum—among others. There’s also a Chihuly exhibit that’s located in Downtown St. Pete’s permanently.

In addition to arts and culture, Downtown has plenty of new restaurants that blanket the area. There are specialty eateries of every type for every taste. In addition, the area is well known for craft breweries, becoming a tourist destination for aficionados of craft beer.

Head down Beach Drive and you’ll find a string of restaurants stretching from Fifth Avenue North all the way Downtown. It’s a great area to stop for a cocktail with friends, and you can also hang out on the rooftop of the famous Canopy. There, you’ll be able to enjoy incredible views of the water. You can also head out to the pier and look back at the beautiful skyline of St. Petersburg.

Historic Kenwood

The second community you should check out in St. Pete is the historic Kenwood neighborhood. This area has enjoyed plenty of positive changes and growth over the last 20 years, featuring charming homes and great walkability. Enjoy leaving your home on foot and heading to a restaurant, bar, or salon for a fresh haircut. Historic Kenwood is even close enough for you to walk downtown for a museum visit or to shop at the Saturday morning market.

Residents will also enjoy less traffic, adorable homes with plenty of personality, and a family-friendly neighborhood. Whether you’re just starting out or retiring and want a smaller home or need a larger property for your family, Kenwood has what you need. You get to enjoy the feeling of small-town living within the big city.

Old Southeast

The third neighborhood on our tour of St. Pete is Old Southeast. One highlight of this area is Lassing Park, a wonderful place to come and sit, watch a sunrise, have a picnic, kiteboard, paddleboard, play soccer, or walk the dog. Anything you can imagine, you can do at Lassing Park. It’s lined with royal palm trees and is an absolutely beautiful area to enjoy.

The walkability and bikeability of Old Southeast are great, with many people walking and biking around and waving to neighbors. You’ll also find lots of golf carts for residents to zip around the neighborhood, grabbing a coffee or a sandwich from the Old Southeast Market. Here they also have wonderful craft beer, wine, and all the necessities you could want.

Another great feature of Old Southeast is The Chattaway, a local institution that’s been around forever. This eatery is a very eclectic, fun place to go for full-service outdoor dining, music, and even traditional English tea on Sundays. It’s definitely worth checking out. Aside from these fun activities, you could spend plenty of time simply walking around the neighborhood and looking at all the different houses and their beautiful architecture.

Old Southeast is also one of only two neighborhoods in St. Pete that has a designated artist’s enclave. This means that we have a whole community of artists that live and work in Old Southeast that are able to work on their creations and sell in their home studios. Additionally, the neighboring communities include Tropical Shores and the enchanted Driftwood, a fabulous area with shaded canopies that’s perfect for an afternoon stroll.

Old Northeast

Old Northeast is the fourth neighborhood you need to check out in St. Petersburg. This community is one of the most historic neighborhoods in all of St. Pete, and that means there is tons of charm in their homes. Residents have plenty of access to Downtown, with Old Northeast being within walking distance from the waterfront parks, baseball fields, softball fields, and the beach at North Shore Park.

Because Old Northeast is one of the most historic neighborhoods in all of St. Pete, it’s also one of the best neighborhoods to live in. The price range in this neighborhood runs from around $750,000 upwards to the multimillions, depending on your location and the condition of the house. There is tons of construction and remodeling going on along with the restoration of historic homes in Old Northeast. Every winter—except last year because of COVID—there is a Tour of Homes that showcases all the beautifully renovated properties in the area.

Another great thing about Old Northeast is that this area is big on Halloween. Everybody decorates their homes and there’s tons of candy given out for the kids. In addition to spooky fun, there are great places to eat and drink here—like the Old Northeast Tavern. It’s one of my favorites in St. Pete to grab a brew, and you usually stay all night because everyone is so friendly. Make sure to grab a slice from Old Northeast Pizza right next door, too.

Snell Isle

The last neighborhood on our tour of St. Pete is the beautiful Snell Isle. This is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in St. Petersburg, featuring a variety of luxury homes on the waterfront. If you’ve got a boat, canoe, paddleboard, or kayak, this is the place to be.

Snell Isle also features one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the area: Vinoy Golf Club. It’s a beautiful place to golf, and you have to be a member to get access (or be invited by one). This neighborhood also features a beautiful street called Brightwaters Boulevard. This is where the top-of-the-line houses are in St. Petersburg, with one side of the street facing downtown St. Petersburg and the other side of the street facing the bay and downtown Tampa.

Snell Isle also offers a marina for its boat owners that don’t have boat slips. Another one of the fun, cool things about Snell Isle is all of the lions. You’ll see them at every intersection, every entrance, and many people have them on their driveways and entrances to their sidewalks. It’s a cool little add-on for all of the members of Snell Isle, and you can see these literally around the entire neighborhood.

Enjoy St. Petersburg Living

I hope this gave you a good idea of the top 5 neighborhoods here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Each one has its unique amenities and charm that you’re sure to enjoy. If you have any additional questions about any of these communities or Florida living in general, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be happy to help.

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