Top 5 Breweries in Tampa Bay!

Are you looking to grab a beer in St. Petersburg, Florida, and want to know where to find the best brews? In this episode of Hounds, Hops, and Houses, I’m going to walk you through five of the best breweries in all of St. Pete. We’ll find out what flavors and features make each brewery unique so you get a good idea of what St. Pete’s brewery scene has to offer.

My wife Carrie and I have been to every brewery in St. Petersburg. These top five that we’re going to show you are the five that we enjoy the most, and when people come to town, this is where we take them. From having awesome atmospheres, great spaces, and room for events to serving the best beers all around, these are the ones you’ll want to check out.

#5: St. Pete Brewing

Number five on our list is the namesake brewery: St. Pete Brewing. This brewery is located on the 500 block of First Avenue North, putting it very conveniently close to downtown and everything going on on Central Avenue. This brewery is on the smaller side size-wise, but what they lack in size they make up for in atmosphere and flavor.

St. Pete Brewing has everything from shuffleboard tournaments to bingo on a nightly basis. They do a great job of interacting with their patrons and have an awesome staff. Additionally, the head brewer is always around during the day to answer any questions you’ve got. They also have an event space that you can rent out to have a private party with you and your friends.

Outside seating allows you to take in the sights and sounds of downtown. St. Pete Brewing is also very creative with their naming, and they like to keep it local. From the Don Saison to the Goliath Grouper Imperial Stout, your tastebuds are sure to be entertained at St. Pete Brewing.

#4: Grand Central Brewhouse

Number four on our list is Grand Central Brewhouse. This brewery is located in the heart of the Grand Central District, an up-and-coming district in St. Petersburg. Since this place opened in 2020, it’s really become a staple in the area. They have an amazing indoor space, with their brew tanks front and center right behind the bar.

If you head outside, there’s an awesome backyard area that they share with the neighboring restaurant and karaoke bar called LALA, which recently opened. We’ve even attended an event or two here, which is a great option. You get your own bartender who will cater to all of your friends and help you guys have a few beers while you have your own private space for the event.

There’s also an area where you can go and sit outside upstairs on one of the comfortable couches. Any way you look, you get a great view of the backyard or Central Avenue and across to the other bars on the other side of the street. Grand Central Brewhouse doesn’t quite have as many beers as some of the other breweries on this list, but they also include guest taps. This means that you will always have quite a variety of beers to choose from.

They come up with some pretty creative names for their beers, like Czech’s Mix, which is a Czech pale lager, and Kölsch Me Ousside (Howbow Dat), which is a Koelsch. There’s also Netflix & Pils—which is obviously a play on the word Pilsner—and my personal favorite, I Would Walk 500 Mild, an American Mild brew. They also have kombucha on tap from Beech Kombucha, which is a local kombucha brewery.

#3: Green Bench Brewing Company

Number three on our list of the top five breweries in St. Pete is Green Bench Brewing. This brewery is a staple in the downtown area of St. Pete. They’ve been in the same location since 2013 when they broke ground as the first microbrewery ever in St. Petersburg, Florida. They paved the way for all of these other breweries and so many more like what we’re going to talk about today.

Green Bench has a fantastic outdoor space. On the weekends, you’ll see this place packed from wall to wall with people and dogs, enjoying themselves before a festival, or even having a bunch of friends out to talk about the workweek. Green Bench became so popular that they purchased the building next door and installed an entirely separate brewing experience called Webb’s City Cellar. Inside this building, they age their beers in barrels, and they’re experimenting daily with some pretty fun flavors.

As far as their beer recommendations go, their five staple beers are the Sunshine City IPA, Postcard Pilsner, Bench Life Premium Lager, Skyway Hazy Double IPA, and the Coffee Pot Bayou. All of these brews are named after different things about St. Pete, which makes them even more fun. They do carry a couple of outside options for non-alcoholic beers and, of course, they’re dog friendly. Make sure to bring your pup and have a good time.

#2: 3 Daughters Brewing

Coming in number two on our list is 3 Daughters Brewing. This is arguably the biggest selection of beer, though that’s only a fraction of why we love it so much. It’s located at 22nd Street South and Second Avenue South, just a few steps from the Grand Central district.

3 Daughters Brewing has an amazing warehouse space they use very well. There are events just about every night of the week, including live music almost every night. You can come here, grab a drink, sit down, and just relax and enjoy the music. If you want to sit outside, they’ve got this amazing large, shaded patio area, giant Connect Four, cornhole, and a ton of tables for you and your friends to sit around and chat while you listen to the music from the warehouse.

Inside you’ll find shuffleboard, foosball, board games, and even an arcade. So if you bring your kids, send them back there with a few quarters and they can throw them in the machine and have a good time while you’re having a beer. 3 Daughters has way too many beers to list, but inside at the main bar, they offer staples like Beach Blonde Ale and Florida Orange IPA, two very good choices.

If you’re gluten-free or enjoy a good cider, you can head out to their cider bar where they have flavors like Wild Blueberry and Key Lime Cider. Everybody that’s gluten-free comes here for the amazing Key Lime Cider from 3 Daughters. They also sell their own style of Florida hard seltzer. So if you’re a seltzer fan, you can enjoy that. And if you don’t want to drink, they do have a non-alcoholic CBD seltzer with a couple of different flavors that are very good.

#1: Pinellas Ale Works

Welcome to our top brewery in St. Petersburg: Pinellas Ale Works, also known as PAW. This brewery is located on the south side on First Avenue and 20th Street. It’s very conveniently located near the Grand Central District, which is one of the reasons we love it so much; it’s close to everything. The space is completely dog friendly, so you’ll see dogs in every inch of this place. They show that by having water bowls and dog treats on all of the bars and tables as well as a nice outdoor space that’s shaded and comfortable.

The entire place is gated off, so if you do have a dog, feel free to let them off leash—as long as they’re not runners, and they can hang out with all the humans having their beers. There’s also a private event space, so if you are looking to have a party, this is a great place to have it. You’ll have a private bartender with all the taps, and they block off the space and don’t allow anybody else in. This allows you and your friends to enjoy a private setting inside.

Pinellas Ale Works also has board games and a darts area along with Jenga, letting you enjoy some competition with your friends while you have a beer or two. Additionally, this place has the best beer. My wife’s favorite beer of all time is from here: Toasted Coconut. It’s a limited release that they do here at PAW, so you don’t see it all the time. If you’re looking for a similar beer, try Nitro Milkbone, a Nitrogen Sweet Stout. It tastes great, and I definitely recommend it.

If you like IPAs, check out Thrill Hill. This beer is amazing, especially if they’ve aged it in one of the white oak barrels. They only have that occasionally, so if you’re looking for another similar style, try Puppy Breath New England IPA. If you’re a non-drinker like myself, they do have some kombucha on tap. You can enjoy that while sitting in all these awesome areas, hanging out with the dogs and your friends.

PAW has one of the best environments in all of St. Pete, which is why we love it so much. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Enjoy Life In St. Pete

As you can see, there are a ton of awesome St. Pete breweries—though these five are definitely our favorites. If you have any questions about mortgages, real estate, Tampa Bay, or anything related, feel free to reach out to me and I’d love to help you get started on moving to Tampa Bay.

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