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Are you looking to live in a place with great views of the water in the St. Pete Tampa area? In this episode of Hounds, Hops, And Houses, I’m going to show you the beauty of ONE St. Petersburg, an amazing high-rise condo located in downtown St. Pete. I’ll give you an inside look at this beautiful building and explain some of the amazing amenities so you can see if life here is right for you.

ONE St. Petersburg

ONE St. Petersburg is one of the most luxurious condos in all of the city. It’s the tallest building in all of Pinellas County and truly brings it for its residents. Inside the meeting room on the main floor, the beautiful space allows residents to work from home or have conferences in a boardroom-like feel.

As you enter this place, the gorgeous lobby greets you with local artwork, nice seating areas, and a receptionist who’s always on duty—ready to help you if you have any issues with anything. The amenities in this place are absolutely nuts, and we’re going to show you a little bit about it.

All About Location

ONE St. Petersburg is located across from the corner of First Street North and First Avenue North—which is how it got its name. The great thing about this location is that it is right downtown in bustling St. Pete and across the street from one of my favorite restaurants called Thirsty First. This place has great brunch, great lunch, and the best Bloody Mary in St. Petersburg. So if you’re in the mood to have a drink and get rid of your hangover, this is the place to be.

One of the awesome parts of being this close is the Central Square, just one block up from First and First on Second and First. This place has it all, including all the food you want to eat and all the drinks you want to drink. You can stay out late or even go to a concert in Jannus Live, located right in the center of the block. There are some awesome people and awesome bands that come here to play.

Amazing Amenities

In addition to a great location, the ONE has plenty of amenities. One of the main attractions of this condo is the beautiful pool, which includes a party area with grills for your barbecues with friends. They’ve also got a lap pool, wading pool, tons of sitting areas, and tons of cabanas. Whether you want to swim or sit and enjoy the sun most of the day, you can do it all at the ONE’s pool.

Aside from the pool area, this place has some pretty crazy amenities. The HOA fee runs at about $5,000 a quarter—and you get what you pay for. There’s a workout center with everything you’ll need to get in a good solid workout every day. There’s also Club ONE that’s available to rent out for parties, gatherings, and meeting spaces.

As an added bonus, the security in this place is top-notch. They don’t allow anybody in the building without a keycard. Everything is fast-forwarded and technology-based. You even need to scan your card to get up to your floor.

What You Get For Your Money

The ONE building is made up of about 250 units and was built around 2018. It was one of the hottest developments downtown—not to mention the tallest at 470 feet. The building is made up of two- and three-bedroom units ranging from about 1400 square feet to about 2500 square feet. The cost per square foot throughout the building is $995 to $1,000 per square foot.

Of course, the higher you go, the higher the price gets. One unit, for example, is probably worth about $4 million. There’s a unit upstairs for sale on the 42nd floor, which is one of only two units available in the entire 250 unit building, that’s $6.1 million. One of the units downstairs, which is a two-bedroom, is for sale between $1.2 to $1.3 million.

One of the best things you get from a unit this high up is, obviously, the view. From there you can see the pier, the stadium, and the marina through the middle. And if you look past all of those things, you get to see Tampa Bay and even Tampa on a clear day.

Bring Your Furry Friend

Of course, I can’t go further without mentioning that the ONE is pet-friendly. Obviously, on Hounds, Hops, and Houses, we want to let you know what’s dog-friendly—and this condo allows you to have any kind of dog you want in this building with no restrictions. With its proximity to waterfront parks, it’s a great place to have a pet.

So if you have any questions about the ONE or any other St. Pete real estate, feel free to reach out to me and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have. And if you need me to put you in touch with any realtors, we’ve got plenty of connections in the area.

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