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Did you know that Tampa Bay has a small, lesser-known beach that you can enjoy without as many tourists? In this episode of Hounds, Hops, and Houses, I’m going to take you to a hidden gem called Pass-A-Grille Beach. We’ll explore this small town’s sand, surf, and snacks so you can get away from the crowds and enjoy the sunshine.

Welcome To Pass-A-Grille

Pass-A-Grille is a little town just south of St. Pete Beach. It’s a lesser-known area, which is awesome because fewer tourists know about it. This means you get to hang out on the beach by yourself.

The first spot we’re going to visit is Pass-A-Grille Beach. This beach has all the same soft, white, amazing sand as all of the other huge beaches in the area (just with much less traffic). The beach also offers a nice little snack shack right in the middle where you can grab a cold beer or drink and some hot food for your long days out on the sand. They’re open most of the time, though they do close at sunset.

The good thing about the water here is the waves never really get too crazy. It’s a nice place where you can just wade in and cool off on those really hot summer Florida days.

Tasty Eats

In addition to its beautiful beach, Pass-A-Grille has some nice food places to offer. Once you’re done relaxing by the shore, pop on over across the street and step into one of the town’s awesome restaurants. You can find everything from bar food to dessert, including some amazing ice cream.

My favorite local dish is the Crab Pizza at Brass Monkey. There, you can sit out up on top of the patio overlooking the sunset and have some amazing food.

Enjoying This Hidden Gem

Now that you’ve got a little preview of this hidden gem called Passe-A-Grille, it’s very simple to get here. Just go like you’re going to St. Pete Beach; if you’re in St. Pete Beach, just head south. You’re going to run into Pass-A-Grille, and you’ll find the beach along with these awesome little restaurants. I hope you get to catch a sunset out here!

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