St Pete Pier, Perfect for a Family Day!

Are you visiting St. Pete and are looking for a place that your whole family can enjoy? In this episode of Hounds, Hops, And Houses, I’m going to welcome you to the St. Petersburg Pier, a 26-acre area right on Florida’s Tampa Bay. We’ll look at the activities, landmarks, and dining you can enjoy so you can best plan your visit.

Welcome To The St. Pete Pier

The St. Petersburg Pier was recently built in 2021. Sprawling over 26 acres, you have everything you need for a great day with your entire family—from food and shopping to just laying out on the beach. We’ve got it all here at the pier.

One of the great things about the pier is that they continually highlight local and Florida-based businesses. The Marketplace, which opens on the weekends, features a variety of stores to choose from. As you walk through the entrance corridor, you can enjoy a festival-like atmosphere as you stop and interact with each shop owner. There’s a variety of awesome products to choose from, and you’ll even get a chance to try some pretty tasty treats.

History And Art

Located off the side of the marketplace area is the St. Pete Museum of History. They have a massive collection of autographed baseballs along with a whole bunch of history about St. Pete itself. A short stroll away is the Bending Arc area.

This art installment is one of the most impressive pieces in the area. Tampa Bay native Janet Coleman put it all together, creating this 76-foot by 428-foot masterpiece. It’s also known as a billowing net sculpture. Janet has many of these billowing net sculptures throughout the United States—along with three other continents.

The Bending Arc structure required more than 84 miles of twine and over a million knots, and Janet tied every single one by hand. At night, lights illuminate this amazing sculpture, creating the most beautiful area in the entire park.

Family Fun

This area isn’t just for sitting around and looking up at the art, though; there is a big open grass area in the middle. A lot of times you’ll see street performers out here, people playing fetch with their dogs, kids running around, and even people just taking a seat, having a drink, and sitting in one of the many Adirondack chairs as they soak up the Florida sun.

There are numerous areas throughout the Pier designed for kids to be able to run around. Obviously, none are more awesome than the Glazer Family Playground, the Splash Pad, and the Spa Beach. All three of those are located right next to each other, so it’s really convenient to keep your kids occupied. The playground is full of different obstacles, climbing walls, slides, and a bunch of other fun things so your kids can learn and have fun while doing it.

The splash pad is always full of little kids just waiting to get sprayed in the face behind the fountains—and when they’re done they run off and tell all their friends about it. It’s actually awesome to sit around and watch, especially when you’re here with some relatives or younger ones. They have a blast, and the beach is a great place to go throw up some sandcastles, catch some sun, or even wade out into the shallow waters around the pier without worrying about getting in over your head.

Eats And Drinks

If anyone gets hungry, there are a couple of options. The Spa Beach Bistro is located centrally in between all three of those awesome areas. They serve pizza, snacks, and even some drinks for the adults. They even have some ice cream, the perfect option for an afternoon snack.

On the other side of the children’s area is Doc Ford’s, which is more of a sit-down restaurant. They have some outdoor seating where you can overlook the bay and have a drink and some awesome food.

Pier Point

Our last stop on our tour of the Pier is the big building at The Point. This building has four levels, each level offering its own distinct view of Tampa Bay. It’s one of my wife Carrie and I’s favorite places to go for sunset because when the sun sets over Downtown St. Petersburg, it’s absolutely stunning. It’s unlike any other sunset you’ve seen before.

The Pier Point structure has a bar on the rooftop called Pier Teaki, the place where you get the best views. On the next level down, they’ve got a restaurant that’s very, very fine dining called Teak. You’ll definitely want to make a reservation if you plan to dine here. On the bottom level, you’ll find a cafe that also serves ice cream called the Driftwood Cafe.

Lastly, there are also a couple of shops in the building. This includes a tackle shop if you’re going fishing at the end of the pier and a gift shop if you want to pick up some memories from St. Pete.

Making Memories

It may seem like we’ve covered a ton in this video—and that’s because we have. However, the St. Pete Pier offers so much for your entire family and all of your friends. So what are you waiting for? Make sure you come and visit us here in St. Petersburg, Florida, so you can find out what this area is all about.

If you have any questions about mortgages, real estate, insurance, or anything related, I’m happy to help out. Feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be glad to connect. I can answer questions about Tampa Bay or St. Pete living in general.


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