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Did you know there’s only one place in St. Petersburg that names almost all of its beers after dogs? In this episode of Hounds, Hops, and Houses, I’m going to take you to Pinellas Ale Works, St. Pete’s most dog-friendly brewery. We’ll chat with taproom manager Michelle to learn all about the beers and events that PAW offers.

Welcome To Pinellas Ale Works

If you like great beer, a great atmosphere, lots of room, and a dog-friendly environment, then you need to come to Pinellas Ale Works. If you haven’t visited this brewery, you need to add it to your list. On our Top Five list of the best breweries in the city, we ranked this one number one on Hounds, Hops and Houses—you can check out that video here.

Today, I’m taking one of my best friends, Lola, with me to go off-leash and behind the scenes. We’re going to check out a Sit, a Stay, and a Fetch—which are all names of beers here at Pinellas Ale Works. We’re also going to announce a special event being held on July 20 here at PAW that you don’t want to miss. But first, let’s go inside, meet the staff, and see what this brewery is all about.

A Dog-Friendly Brewery

Michelle is the taproom manager and events coordinator here at PAW. We’ve been working together closely to get our event ready for you guys, and she’s sharing what this brewery is all about. What is the “secret sauce” that makes Pinellas Ale Works different?

For one, Michelle tells us that PAW is a dog-themed brewery. They have lots of dog-themed events throughout the week, including Yappy Hour every Thursday. The brewery works closely with a lot of the rescues around St. Pete. Of course, PAW is a brewery first and foremost, so they have a good amount of craft beer on tap—with a current roster of 40 different craft options. With such a great variety, there’s a beer for every taste.

PAW first opened six years ago. The building was a garage before it was a brewery. As a nod to its history, they call the building “Harold’s Garage,” named after the original owner of the autobody shop.  The name “Pinellas Ale Works” came first—and then they saw “paw” in the acronym. As natural dog owners, PAW caters to the many dog lovers in the St. Pete community. They’re happy to  be a fun place to come with your four-legged friends.

How It’s Made

Now that we know about the background of PAW, let’s look at how these brews are made. Michelle took us back to the brewery to get a close-up of the brewing process. The area is really hot, and in fact, many breweries are not air-conditioned. Make sure to thank your brewers the next time that you’re at PAW, especially during the summer months.

Pinellas Ale Works has a 15-barrel brew system, allowing them to make a large amount of beer all at once. They also distribute a lot of their beer to a variety of different local counties. The brewing process includes milling in their grain in the brewery and throwing it into heated water, adding some hops, and doing lots of other intricate processes. While it’s fairly complex, the end process is a delicious beer.

PAW’s brewer, Dennis, has been the master brewer for about six years, so he knows what he’s doing. Let’s get a taste of some of PAW’s signature brews to give you an idea of what they offer.

Beers On Tap

PAW offers a variety of beers for every taste. One of the best ways to experience their brews is to get a flight of four five-ounce pours, letting you try the many different flavors. One of the lightest beers they offer is  Piddle Pils, a German Pilsner that’s nice and refreshing. It’s one of the beers they’ve had since day one.

Another staple is Milk Bone, a Sweet Stout. PAW got Second Best Sweet Stout in the nation for that one at the Great American Beer Festival a few years ago. The Sit, and Amber Ale, is a nice medium-bodied beer that’s a little bit sweet and caramelly—the perfect beer for somebody who doesn’t want something too light or too dark.

One of Michelle’s favorites is the Blue Raspberry Sour, a Berliner that PAW calls Pucker Pup. It’s nice and fruity and light, the perfect summer beer. While I don’t drink, we grabbed patrons Kyle and Katie to sample the flight—and they were impressed. The smooth, refreshing beers are great for summer, while the festive blue of the Pucker Pup was a hit.

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