5 Reasons NOT to Move to Clearwater Beach

Are you thinking about moving to Clearwater, Florida, and want to get real, honest answers about what it’s like living here? In this episode of Hounds, Hops, and Houses, I’m going to give you five reasons not to move to Clearwater, Florida. We’ll look at everything from the weather to beaches so you know if this city is really for you.

Weather And People

Clearwater, Florida, is a lot of things—but here are five things that it is not. More importantly, these may be reasons you might not want to move here. You can’t kick my butt for being honest!

Number one, the weather is terrible. It averages around 75 degrees during the winter, so you might want to pack your gloves and your hat. During the summer, you have to be in a pool or swimming in the Gulf to stay cool; it averages around 90 degrees, and you just might melt. It’s rough out there.

Reason number two is that happy people are everywhere. It’s crazy how the sun attracts people who like to be out and about. Be aware that someone may just stop and say hello as you’re walking down the street.

Sports, Food, And Beaches

Reason number three not to move to Clearwater is that the sports scene here is absolutely terrible. The Buccaneers just won their first Super Bowl in 17 years, and the Tampa Bay Lightning have only won back-to-back Stanley Cups. Not to mention the Tampa Bay Rays, who only made it to the World Series in 2020. So if you don’t like winning, you might want to stay away from Clearwater.

Reason number four is that the food here is unbelievably fresh and local. So many restaurants brag about how they just caught the grouper and snapper the other day. If you like chain restaurants, this definitely is not the area for you.

Last but not least, reason number five is the beaches. The beaches here are so over the top that they rank in the top five year after year. It just gets old after a while. So if you don’t like having your feet in the sand and a drink in your hand, this is not the location for you Ito move to.

Is Clearwater Right For You?

If those five reasons didn’t scare you away from moving to Clearwater, then I think you would love it here. If you have any additional questions about Clearwater or Tampa Bay in general, I’m always available. Feel free to reach out and I’ll be glad to connect!

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